O U R  S T O R Y


Inspired by bringing beautifully British humour into the home, our prints flirt with sarcasm and trifle with British wit, providing tongue-in-cheek humour that all audiences can appreciate and enjoy. All of Pig & Fig’s products are designed, made and manufactured in the UK, supporting fellow British businesses and helping them blossom.

Pig & Fig is the brain child of a sleep deprived print student who during her Final Major University project, thought it a fabulously charming idea to create a medley of her favourite animals, confectionary and bizarre sayings. Miraculously, the designs looked better than they sounded on paper and since their creation, have caught the eye and spread smiles to all manner of people from across the country.

Founded in 2017, Pig & Fig has already come leaps and bounds and we can safely say, the future is bright!

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 ps. That’s the founder (being over the top as always) exhibiting at New Designers for thinking up Pig & Fig.

(it’s pretty good stuff)